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Power Amplifiers

Ayon Scorpio Mono

The entrance into real high-end mono vacuum tube amplification

Ayon Spirit PA

A substantial advancement of the highly regarded Ayon Spirit.

Ayon Triton PA

KT120 - KT150 Valve

Ayon Epsilon

KT120 - KT150 Valve

Ayon Orthos XS

KT120 - KT150 Valve

Ayon Crossfire Evo

62B / 82B Valve

Ayon Vulcan Evo

AA62B or AA82B valve

Ayon Titan Evo

82B Valve

Ayon Alpha LF

Class-D LF power amplifier with integrated electronic cross-over network

Audionet MAX

The Über Block Busters

Audionet AMP

Blockbusters for Demanding Listeners

Audionet AMP VII

The Magnificent Seven

Audionet AMP I V2

28 Kilograms of Passion

Audionet AMP V

Power Pack for Home-Cinema Racks

Audionet AMP IV

More Passion for Loudspeakers

Audionet AMP III

Connect Your Home-Cinema

Audionet Heisenberg

One amp to rule them all - HEISENBERG rises high above anything, anywhere

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Audionet wins highest U.S. design award
STERN and our Harumt Esslinger honoured with National Design Award.

Ayon CD-35 Recommended by HiFi Critic
Ayon CD-35 Recommended by HiFi Critic in Volume 11 / Number 1 edition

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