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Audionet Stern

Designed by German design legend Hartmut Esslinger of Sony and Apple Macintosh fame, our new über-performance preamp STERN combines Audionet's unique electronics, stratosphere version, with a design quality that has not been seen in the realms of highenddom before.

The patented floating design encorporates the ultimate audiophile qualities.

One amp to rule them all – STERN rises high above anything, anywhere – even our serial show winner PRE G2 (2015 "best sound" at RMAF, AXPONA, T.H.E.SHOW and HIGHEND.


  • Magnetically and capactively optimized circuit and device design without any ferro-magnetic materials
  • Floating Design for optimal resitance against microphonic effects and temperature stability
  • The floating panels of the body are resonance-optimized by massive brass pads on an aluminum frame
  • Mounting and bolted assembly of transformers made of stainless steel
  • Double mono layout of circuitry and power supply for maximum channel separation
  • Air Flow Design circuit boards for an optimum of cooling and stable quiecent currents
  • Galvanic separation of all analog circuits by opto couplers
  • The input and output sections as well as the volume control are realized using enhanced, discrete Audionet operational amplifier modules with state-of-the-art mica capacitors
  • Rhodium Cinch jacks by Furutech
  • Volume controller on a double ball-bearing axis and with magnetic ratchet and optical sensing
  • Volume controlled by electronic switches and real-time linearized precision resistor network
  • DC coupled with no sound deminishing capacitors or coils, shortest signal paths
  • One separate transformer per channel for the positive and negative half wave, leding to the perfect power supply
  • Four encapsulated and decoupled 50 VA toroid transformers
  • Main power supply capacitors 22,000 µF, optimzed for very low impedance and made with silk dielectric
  • Total capacitance of 176,000 µF
  • Microprocessor control with separate power supply monitor and control all functions and inform the user on a high resolution display
  • By-Pass mode for integration into home cinema systems
  • Audionet Link outputs for the remote control of further Audionet devices
  • User definable names for each input, input levels adjustable for each input
  • User selectable function to remove DC levels from signal sources
  • Rhodium fuse

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