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Fantastic review of The Big Phono by RCM Audio

There’s a world of difference between simply doing a thing and doing it properly. That difference took four years.

Hi-Fi+ Analogue Awards Winner - RCM Audio theRIAA Mk II

It can get past the artifice of audio and bring you closer to the music itself. And that is the goal of all good audio equipment, after all.

Brilliant review of Ayon CD-35 II

Ayon CD-35 II: My new reference!

Vinius TVC-05 review by High Fidelity Magazine

The tested Vinius audio preamp maintains the internal consistency of sound, opens up the treble and deepens the bass, while remaining perfectly dynamic.

Turntable EMT 928

History, overview and specifications for Turntable EMT 928

HiFiction AG Factory Tour

If you've ever wondered about the facilities and team behind HiFiction all is revealed in their video.

HiFi+ Awards Product of the Year 2021 for Phono Stage and Cartridge

We are pleased to announce products from EMT and RCM have been awarded Product of the Year by HiFi+.

Thales TTT-Slim II turntable & Simplicity II tonearm review by Stereophile

Money, that unreliable buyer of happiness, has at times proven effective at delivering good sound. It can buy other things, as well: Audiophiles can swap cash for products that function as objets d'art, as status symbols, or even as canny investments.


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