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Accustic Arts Preamp III review by stereo.de

With the new Preamp III, Accustic Arts wants to surpass their previous top model. STEREO tested whether they were successful. Both the effort taken as well as the financial commitment are considerable, in any way...

Thales TTT-Slim II turntable & Simplicity II tonearm review by Stereophile

Money, that unreliable buyer of happiness, has at times proven effective at delivering good sound. It can buy other things, as well: Audiophiles can swap cash for products that function as objets d'art, as status symbols, or even as canny investments.

QLN Prestige Five Loudspeaker review by The Absolute Sound

The bass extension and presentation of the P5 was quite something; taut, clean, impactful, and extended.

Ayon Audio CD-35 II HF Edition review and award by High Fidelity

“HIGH FIDELITY” EDITIONS Austrian company AYON AUDIO has prepared a special version of the Compact Disc player – CD-35 II HF Edition; the device is limited to 35 pieces!

New X-quisite FIRE cartridge

The new FIRE model features a titanium body with special coating process applied: each cartridge is a unique item regarding colour and gradient.

RCM Audio theRIAA MkII phono stage

"Those demanding a face-to-face comparison are out of luck. It was great. It got better. Buy one!"

Accustic Arts Preamp III & AmpV review by HiFi & Records

Monumental amplifiers can look back on a long tradition in high-end. With the Preamp III and Amp V Accustic Arts is fielding two genuine heavyweights.


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