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Turntable EMT 928

History, overview and specifications for Turntable EMT 928

The EMT 928 II is a massive built precision turntable with an overall weight of 23kg. The chassis is machined from aluminium, resting on four decoupled, spherical feet. With three platter speeds (33 ⅓, 45 & 78 rpm) is the unit prepared to play all kind of records. It is a perfect match for the currently released EMT 9-inch tonearm and all EMT cartridges.

The new turntable features an independent battery power source which allows more than 40 hours playing time while being fully disconnected from the mains. Therefore, any interference from the power grid is excluded. The built-in charger circuit handles the charging cycles automatically and shows the status with a two-colour LED.

As a homage to the original EMT 928, the rotation power is transmitted by a belt. A most modern 20 Watts motor is combined with a high-precision control loop circuit in a compact assembly, to ensure short signal paths and to minimize interference. This design allows to speed up the 5,5kg platter in a short time and keep the platter speed constant within a narrow tolerance-field.

History, overview and specifications for Turntable EMT 928

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