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Accustic Arts Preamp III review by Lite Magazine

Effective power in perfection.

A tidbit from Lauffen:

The high-end manufacturer Accustic Arts from Southern Germany comes with a brand-new, breathtaking Preamp III belonging to the top end of the reference class. Along with audiophile excellence, it offers variety and flexibility of connections, delicate features, including a modern and noble presence, by adding the new display in highresolution. That adds up to the list of highlights and is a pleasure to the viewer. We experienced the artistic acoustic performance of the Accustic Arts Preamp III in our lite listening room. In our lite listening room, we took the chance to experience the art and acoustic achievements of the Accustic Arts Preamp III.


The new Accustic Arts Preamp III in every aspect is an excellent preamplifier in the reference class. Design, manufacturing and processing quality are at the finest. Even the complex composition of the noble aluminium body is simply impressive. The new high-resolution OLED display, which provides a modern and fresh ambience, is breathtaking. With countless inputs and outputs, the Preamp III allows for balanced and unbalanced connection. On the output side, the preamplifier offers an additional audiophile treat with optional AC or DC coupling to the subsequent power amplifier. Above all, however, the sonic excellence of this Class A amplifier stands out. We proudly repeat ourselves here: We did not yet experience this clarity, transparency and openness in the playback of voices and instruments on the stage within our listening room! The combination of excellent dynamics, calmness and relaxation unfolds a perfect power balance of the Preamp III. The art of sound comes with its price tag – but those who want to experience High End at this reference level will willingly pay it.

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