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Aequo Stilla - Best introduced Product 2020

Unparalleled uniqueness based on vast technology

A review by Montly Audio - South Korea

After a super positive review in the October edition of Montly Hifi and a very succesful system match with Grandinote Shinai, the news of being awarded "Best introduced product of 2020" was another fantastic hommage for Stilla coming from South-Korea. The fact that only three products where chosen in total -Stilla being the only loudspeaker- makes it extra special.

We have made a translated selection of the review below.

Unparalleled uniqueness based on vast technology

"As the performance began, the overwhelming grand scale and the volume of the low range began to wind around the listening room. It's an auditory experience that's quite different from what I expected in size."

"It has a laboratory-like precision, pure musicality that penetrates the mind, transparency and smoothness, and a unique aftertaste that attracts more attention."

​"Certainly, the days of very large speakers have passed now."

The tone is clear and delicate, yet soft. The aftertaste remains for a long time."

​"It sounds so lifelike and real that it is almost frightening. All instruments and vocals breath life and give you the feeling that they are playing right in front of you. It really is a damn good sound."

​"It is hard to believe that this enormous scale and energy is possible from this small loudspeaker."

​“Certainly, the days of very large speakers have passed now.”

Mr Kim Nam, Monthly Audio, South-Korea

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