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Audionet SAM 20 SE review by Stereo

The best ever SAM - Audionet celebrates the birthday of its long-running amplifi er hit with a strictly limited special edition that takes the potential of the design to a new level.

Audionet’s SAM is one of a very select group of amplifi ers that have become established in the STEREO editorial staff ‘s collective consciousness. Of course, familiarity plays its part: we have encountered the SAM several times over the past two decades. In our article archive at www.stereo.de you will fi nd the test of the early V2-version from issue 12/99, and the most recent review, of the second-generation SAM G2 (currently at 4490 Euro), was in issue 2/11. In between, both versions spent several years as faithful test references in our listening rooms.

  • Stereo Test - Sound Quality 94%
  • Price/Performance - 4 stars

Download the Audionet SAM 20 SE review by Stereo review by Stereo (PDF).