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RCM Audio Sensor2 review by Stereonet

“Audio is a broad church and one I attend religiously.”


The RCM Audio Sensor 2 was used to playback a mountain load of albums. Dylan, Howling Wolf, Fink, Stevie Wonder, The Shirelles and plenty of Joni Mitchell. It was early the next morning that the system was reluctantly switched off.

Without hearing anywhere near enough phono stages to describe the RCM Sensor 2 the “best at its price’’, that accolade will have to stay in neutral.

What I can tell you is that importer, Warwick Freemantle swears once auditioned, the Sensor 2 is seldom returned. I kind of feel the same way and if I can find the four large to make it mine, it’ll be a keeper.

Download the full RCM Audio Sensor2 review by Stereonet(PDF).