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RCM The Big Phono review by highfidelity.pl

RCM Audio is the manufacturing branch of the well-known Polish distributor, RCM. Its owner is ROGER ADAMEK, a fan and propagator of analogue audio well-known in Poland. Their first product was the Bonasus integrated amplifier, and the next was the SENSOR Prelude IC phono stage, which is still our reference preamplifier today.

The Big Phono preamplifier is a top product of the Katowice-based RCM Audio company. Its offer also includes two less expensive phono preamplifiers: the Sensor Mk2 and The RIAA Mk2. Its first product related to the amplification of the signal coming from a phono cartridge was the Sensor Prelude IC. Even in its case, although it cost "only" PLN 9500, some of the same solutions were used as can also be found now in the new project, costing about 150,000 (PLN).

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