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Ypsilon CDT-100 Review by Audio Esoterica

The CDT-100 pulls the low-level micro-detail and resolves information from the CD in a way that sounds thoroughly natural...


Look at the CDT-100 and you’ll see an understated yet beautiful piece of industrial design. Examine the way it has been built and you’ll appreciate its flawless assembly and uncomplicated yet skilful circuit engineering.

Listen to the CDT-100 in an appropriate system of similar standing and you’ll be drawn into the music the way that few select digital disc systems can achieve. Where the DAC-100 would take it, I can only imagine.

Taken independently, however, the Ypsilon CDT-100 player is profoundly natural, powerful, tonally textured and organically resolving. It takes the CD medium, yes still, to its uttermost glorious heights.

Download the full Ypsilon CDT-100 Review by Audio Esoterica (PDF).