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Ypsilon VPS-100 Phono Review by Positive Feedback

"As a total package, the Ypsilon VPS 100 Phono Stage offers the finest, most satisfying, analog playback I've heard to date."


Most often, a review is a matter of chronicling how well a component does x, y, and z, how good it is at the familiar items on the audio report card. Very occasionally a component comes in that is able to nudge the listening experience in a novel direction. The Ypsilon VPS 100 Phono Stage is one of them.

"Man, what a natural, refined sound!" was my first enthusiastic response to the VPS 100. The differences lay in the quantity and quality of low-level information. The convincing little events are there, but equally important as this abundance of micro-level stuff is their terrific timbral and dynamic fidelity.

The VPS 100 conjoins excellent performance on the objectivist criteria with the unique qualities only step-up designs bring. The difference is this is the first step-up design that doesn't exhibit the step-up weaknesses.

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