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Turntable EMT 928

History, overview and specifications for Turntable EMT 928

HiFiction AG Factory Tour

If you've ever wondered about the facilities and team behind HiFiction all is revealed in their video.

EMT JSD Pure Black cartridge and STX-5/10 step-up transformer

I was extremely impressed by the performance of the EMT design.

New packaging for EMT JSD cartridges

EMT has invested into a new packaging solution for all JSD cartridges.

EMT JSD Anniversary - limited edition, 80 pieces only

To celebrate the great birthday, the following two products are available as a special edition, strictly limited to 80 pieces each:

EMT TSD Anniversary - now sold out

Certainly the best TONDOSE ever made.


    HiFi+ Award Winner 2021 rondel

    EMT JSD Pure Black (with STX-5/1- step-up transformer) - Cartridge of the Year

    It reminds you why so many feel LP remains a better source of ‘high-res’ than high-resolution digital audio.

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