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EMT JSD Pure Black cartridge and STX-5/10 step-up transformer

I was extremely impressed by the performance of the EMT design.

New packaging for EMT JSD cartridges

EMT has invested into a new packaging solution for all JSD cartridges.

EMT JSD Anniversary - limited edition, 80 pieces only

To celebrate the great birthday, the following two products are available as a special edition, strictly limited to 80 pieces each:

EMT TSD Anniversary - now sold out

Certainly the best TONDOSE ever made.


    HiFi+ Award Winner 2021 rondel

    EMT JSD Pure Black (with STX-5/1- step-up transformer) - Cartridge of the Year

    It reminds you why so many feel LP remains a better source of ‘high-res’ than high-resolution digital audio.

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