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RCM Audio theRIAA MkII phono stage

"Those demanding a face-to-face comparison are out of luck. It was great. It got better. Buy one!"

RCM Audio Sensor2 review by Stereonet

“Audio is a broad church and one I attend religiously.”

RCM Audio theRIAA phono stage review by HiFi+

"...it’s actually the kind of product that defines the best of high-end audio, a phono stage that just replays vinyl masterfully. No fuss, no frills, no fancy-schmancy casework..."

RCM Sensor Prelude IC review by 10audio.com

"The RCM Sensor Prelude IC phono preamplifier is a perfect example of this new breed that has a long list of strengths..."

RCM Sensor Prelude IC review by hifi.nl

"It has to be said that the Sensor Prelude was an absolute joy to work with, from the easily set DIP-switches to the high quality connectors".


    HiFi+ Award Winner 2021 rondel

    RCM Audio theRIAA MkII - Phono Stage of the Year (over £2,500)

    It retains the original’s absolute honesty as if you are direct-coupling the cartridge to your ears.

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