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HiFiction AG Factory Tour

If you've ever wondered about the facilities and team behind HiFiction all is revealed in their video.

Thales TTT-Slim II turntable & Simplicity II tonearm review by Stereophile

Money, that unreliable buyer of happiness, has at times proven effective at delivering good sound. It can buy other things, as well: Audiophiles can swap cash for products that function as objets d'art, as status symbols, or even as canny investments.

Thales Simplicity II Tonearm Review by Mono and Stereo

"My prolonged time with Thales Simplicity II tonearm brought an aurally enlightening experience, that had over the time evolved into a refreshingly surprising analog adventure. Each and every reference record become even more interesting and involving."

Thales TTT-Compact II Turntable and Simplicity II Tonearm review by The Audio Beat

"... its compact musical presentation could well form the basis of a long-lasting audio association, a compact indeed."

Thales factory tour by Roy Gregory

...besides the sheer musical satisfaction it delivered, one other thing stuck in my mind: the abiding memory of the silky-smooth operation of the Simplicity II. Every time I changed a record it was impossible not to marvel at the precision...

Thales TTT Compact II and Simplicity II review by Positive Feedback

"From time to time, an item is plucked from the mildewed bins of analog history by one of the reissue houses. Occasionally the dredging action strikes gold..."


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