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The finest MC cartridges – handcrafted in Switzerland.


The legendary German firm Electrical Measuring Technology (EMT) was founded in Berlin in 1940. By 1959 EMT started its mono pick-up production focusing on the global broadcast and recording industries. 1965 saw the launch of the famous EMT TSD (Tondose) 15 stereo cartridge which has been used in the tens of thousands over the years in most European FM radio stations and recording studios like Abbey Road. In 2016, EMT were awarded the Technical Grammy Award presented by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in USA.

EMT is now part of the Thales family and all products are produced in Switzerland alongside Thales turntables and tonearms.


Impressions from the manufactory in Turbenthal, Switzerland

If you've ever been intersted in the facilities and team behind HiFiction all is revealed in their video.

Close up of turntable and EMT cartridge

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