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Thales TTT Slim II Turntable

The finest hand-crafted turntables and tonearms made in Switzerland.

Thales Tonarm

Micha Huber dedicated 3 years to developing a unique three-dimensional mechanical solution that satisfies all the requirements placed on a modern pick-up system.

Combining the advantages of a conventional pivoted tonearm and those of a linear tangential pick-up arm a Thales tonearm delivers the long-cherished dream of geometrically correct tracking with low friction pivoted bearings. Micha's theoretical perfect solution is realised in the most precise way, setting new standards in music reproduction. 

Understanding that the perfect turntable with its tonearm should be designed as one single unit, Thales have developed a turntable line to meet the highest requirements. The portfolio is completed with their own phono and line-cables.


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