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Vinius TVC-05

Vinius audio - Depth of Image - Timbre - Dynamics

Vinius Audio

Brought to you by two professionals, two ultimate music enthusiasts. One creates and plays music and therefore knows how an audio system should reproduce live music, the other knows the technical and manufacturing complexities inside out.

Our paramount objective and greatest motivation is to let audiophiles feel awe and shivers listening as their favorite tracks sound like never before.  system sound depends on its’ orientation. An optimal orientation is a prerequisite for the correctness of phase and timing, which ensures intonational fidelity, special realism of the soundstage and – thanks to the elimination of misalignments in the bandwidth scale – tonal coherence.

At Vinius the selection of the best techniques is accompanied by impeccable execution. For example, transformers are coiled on 105mm cords and - unlike tiny parts available on the market and the ones used in AVC constructions – this scale provides realistic tonality. Above all, we pay particular attention to the phenomenon of directivity.  

During the construction proces, all TVC-05 elements are thoroughly listened to from the aspect of directivity and precisely oriented – this includes magnet wires, sockets, knobs, screws and sheet metal enclosure. We determine the ultimate sound direction of the latter in the early phase, prior to its’ bending and eventual processing.

Vinius TVC-05 on black background
Vinius TVC-05 with volume control
Vinius TVC-05 with input and volume controls plus digital display

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