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Vinnie Rossi

Vinnie Rossi is driven by a passion for designing audio components that bring music enthusiasts unmatched sonic realism, long-term listening satisfaction, and pride of ownership. We create timeless designs that transcend the ordinary with industry-leading innovation and exceptional quality.

As for the user interface, we quickly agreed that analog is king. This is true for air-cooled Porsches, Swiss mechanical movements, or Braun’s 1965 TG 60 Tonbandgerät. Brama uses analog knobs and gauges as its primary interface. It is impossible to try to put into words the tactile satisfaction that comes from turning solid machined knobs attached to Swiss-made, precision-stepped rotary encoders. Physical gauge hands hovering over bespoke analog faces are also quite a sight. Much like the best watch dials, we aimed for the gauge faces to convey a delicate balance between necessity (information) and clarity (readability). This is also true in a dark room setting, as the gauges feature adjustable backlighting that is as subtle as the glow of a full moon in the night sky. It was essential for us to provide users with this level of intimate experience that focused on satisfying sensory feedback.

In Italian, BRAMA also stands for longing. In many ways, this is how I personally feel about this product. Our mission was to create a piece of enduring beauty that would pass the test of time. Much more than just another high-end audio component, it is most of all, the result of a collaborative effort between passionate dreamers.

Voltaire once said, “the ear is the avenue to the heart.” And in this case, we couldn’t agree more!

Our products are proudly assembled by hand in Worcester, Massachusetts.