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From Switzerland ….MC Cartridge with patented monobloc ceramic transducer technology.


Micha Huber is known for his outstanding analogue creations and has already demonstrated this with the minimalist and highly sophisticated analogue products in the form of Thales turntables and iconic twin-tube tonearms. Now he continues his analogue legacy with brand new products and company. Huber is a perfectionist by nature, as all his products show, and his latest creation and venture X-quisite is no different!

The very first glimpse at a beautiful and meticulously crafted X-quisite pickup system causes excitement. And this is only the start of a genuine audiophile thrill of a cartridge theat has been personally calibrated by Micha himself.


Impressions from the manufactory in Turbenthal, Switzerland

If you've ever been intersted in the facilities and team behind HiFiction all is revealed in their video.

Close up of turntable and EMT cartridge

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